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Butoh Workshop

There are some different kinds of workshops, given by TADASHI ENDO.

1. open butoh workshops
these workshops are for all people from 17 to 70, who are interested in butoh dance.
Participants should only have experiences in movement.
Mostly the open butoh workshops are scheduled on a weekend, starting on Friday at 4:00 p.m.

2. open intense butoh workshops
these workshops are for dancers who have only few experience in butoh dance.
Mostly they last ten days twice a year, July and December.

3. performance butoh workshops
these workshops are for advanced dancers with a little bit experience in performing.
At the end of the workshop all participants will be part of a performance, which will be created during the workshop. These workshops last about 2 weeks  or  longer.

The location of the workshops at the Butoh Centrum MAMU is:

Butoh Centrum MAMU,
Geismar Landstraße 95
37083 Göttingen / Germany

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